Food capital Berlin

We believe we are the best Korean food destination in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg since 2014! Berlin is an amazing city when is comes to food. A lot of our inspiration we got from it.

Our concept

It’s simple: Homemade. Healthy. Hearty. Fresh. We love the traditional Korean cuisine, but we’re also aware of food trends and healthy eating. Which means we’re adding a modern twist on Korean cuisine and make it more suitable for every day. As a result we reduce, sugar, salt and fat as much as possible and let the flavour of each ingredient speak for themselves then just covering them with salty or sweet flavours. At the same time we believe that healthy food doesn’t necessarily has to be expensive. We offer good food and good portions for good prices.

No falvour enhancers

Many convenience foods are loaded with sugar, are over-processed and loaded with preservatives and MSG (Glutamate). For that reason all our sauces and Kimchis are made with all-natural ingredients and made in-house from our loving hands 🙂

Vegan & vegetarian

Our menu and weekly specials are offered to accommodate Vegan, Vegetarian and meat eaters. We As well, we can offer dishes in Gluten-Free, Soy Free and Non-Spicy versions upon request.

Cosy atmosphere

We built also, the whole place ourselves! Therefore all the furniture, benches, shelving, counters, floors, etc. we built with the same loving hands. It seems like we create a cosy relaxed atmosphere for people to come together to have a place to enjoy Korean lunch and dinner. We also to private events in our restaurant on request. So please come by and get inspired.

Food as a language

Our employees come form all over the world. Everybody adds some of there experience and home cuisine to our creations, which makes our food so unique and delicious. Food is an international language, so let’s share our stories about healthy Korean food.

Korean Food Stories

Versandkosten (DE)

Wir versuchen unsere Versandkosten so gering wie möglich zu halten und greifen, wenn möglich, auf bereits genutzte Umverpackung (Kartons) zurück. Somit leisten wir auch einen Beitrag für die Umwelt.

Versandkostenfrei ab einem Bestellwert von 75,00

Versandkosten nur Lebensmittel (7% Mwst) = 5,89€

Versandkosten Getränke und Waren (19% Mwst) = 6,55€

Versandkosten gemischt (7% & 19% Mwst) = 6,55€

Bei schweren / sperrigen / empfindlichen Waren können

abweichende Versandkosten anfallen.