How to apply for a job at Korean Food Stories?

We are hiring in the next two weeks a person (perhaps two) to help at our very busy, small and intimate, restaurant!
Here are the MINIJOB details:

– You will be mostly responsible for helping clean, collect, deliver dishes to customers

– You will assist the cook and front of staff in whatever needs possible (e.g. prepping food or replenishing food)

– You will be cleaning areas such as the guest WC, Kitchen, DISHWASHING, etc.

– You MUST have or be able to manage very busy lunch rushes with lots of customers at a VERY high pace

– You must be very clean while being efficient and fast on your feet – multitasking is expected as we are small!

*If you speak German at a conversation level, you will have the opportunity to work front of house as well. This is a big bonus for us in the hiring process.

What you will receive in return: 
A fun, friendly environment to work in – without any stiff hierarchal b**shit. Fair pay, fair treatment, open door policy, open arms approach. Casual, real and ego-free.

Please send us your CV with RELEVANT work experience (especially stressing any experience with working in fast-paced environments) – and highlight your level of speaking German as this can be asset to you.

We are a friendly and responsible bunch. We treat our employees with respect, honesty and fairness, and built our business out of love and hard work. We look only for candidates that will share in this common goal. If you wanna work in gastronomy in Germany make sure you meet the following requirements: Lebensmittelpersonalhygiene

Thank you considering picking a job at Korean Food Stories 🙂

Please send us your CV and intro letter via email:


Versandkosten (DE)

Wir versuchen unsere Versandkosten so gering wie möglich zu halten und greifen, wenn möglich, auf bereits genutzte Umverpackung (Kartons) zurück. Somit leisten wir auch einen Beitrag für die Umwelt.

Versandkostenfrei ab einem Bestellwert von 75,00

Versandkosten nur Lebensmittel (7% Mwst) = 5,89€

Versandkosten Getränke und Waren (19% Mwst) = 6,55€

Versandkosten gemischt (7% & 19% Mwst) = 6,55€

Bei schweren / sperrigen / empfindlichen Waren können

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